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Ford Custom incl. CarcoCool
Ford Custom CargoCool openstaande deuren
Ford Custom CargoCool halfopenstaande deuren

The cold chain is the continuous chain of refrigeration in the transport of goods from producer to wholesalers, traders and end users. Monitoring the cold chain is an important part of the transport safety when sending products as vaccines and food, but also chemical goods.

Temperature controlled solutions

These are the words of Teun Rorije, the enthusiastic owner of CargoCool in Apeldoorn, a renowned and highly innovative producer of mobile refrigeration. The workshops are buzzing with activity and the commitment of Rorije and his staff is great. Cargo Cool is part of Automotive Apeldoorn, a company with a mission: incorporating technology in vehicles. "That is what makes our company special, we are not only looking for new applications, ... we find them too."

Automotive Apeldoorn has years of experience in supplying, installing and repairing various products in the field of air conditioning, cooling, vehicle comfort and safety. The CargoCool is the smart solution for small refrigerated transport. The CoolCargo can be easily removed and may be used as stand-alone cooling. As temperature-sensitive products are often vulnerable, CargoCool guarantees a constant temperature .

"Cooling produce in an economical and efficient way has always been a problem. Any entrepreneur knows that the investment in refrigerated transport is costly. Some of our clients need a refrigerated van for daily work. To other customers flexible cooling is a better solution for their activities. We go into our clients' wishes in order to make a well-considered offer in writing. If things work out a clear understanding leads to the right advice."

Interesting for you?

All temperature sensitive products require a storage with a constant temperature. This is the key to success. The flexibility of the CargoCool makes it suitable for many applications and businesses.

Courier service

Supermarkets (Food Transportion)


Meal service

Restaurants and hotels


Breakfast service

Cheese, fruit and vegetable traders

Pharmaceutical industry


Vlees- en vishandel

Chemische industrie

Sandwich bars /delis



Well-chilled gives a warm feeling

"Whether you are a wholesaler, courier company, deli, caterer or supermarket, you will not need refrigerated transport all the time. Therefore we developed the removable CargoCool®, a well-insulated cold storage unit in different models that deliver your products in a fresh and cool condition. If you want to transport goods that need not be cooled you can simply take the cold store unit out of the van. A solution that was well thought-out and that we can recommend warmly! CargoCool is a customer and solution oriented company. Our focus is on cooling, flexibility and customization."

It does not smell

"Our low-noise cooling cells are HACCP approved. This means that they comply with the European directives. Therefore the units can be cleaned well and are suitable for the transport of eg food, medicine and perishable goods. The high quality materials will not absorb any smells. Which is pleasant."


"CargoCool® is suitable for 12/24 V / DC and 220 V / AC connection. This gives you the opportunity to cool products in eg stands or stalls. If you know what you want to transport and how you want to transport it, we will build the cooling unit adapted to your needs. Temperature registration is no problem, either by simply reading out or web-based. If you are transporting valuable goods we can protect them. Do you want registration of customers visited and recording of kilometers and temperature? We can adjust your vehicle. You have the advantage that you are dealing with one company and one contact."

Refrigerated Conversion

Besides cooling units CargoCool also supplies the complete conversion of van to refrigated van. As each customer has his own needs and it is essential to consider these wishes properly, we will submit our offer in a written proposal.


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